Sunday, May 11, 2008

sorry- but this is a must read

the pentagon vs. the u.s.: how americans have become targets of their own military

banks: law can't bother us

the gospel of consumption

three suspended for not saying the pledge of allegiance

"as a matter of conscience because the world watches and waits for us"

"Because justice is better served; because our Constitutional democracy has been decimated by this Administration; because dedicated Democrats are leaving the Party due to a failure of our leadership on this issue; because it is never too late to prevent, halt, or avoid abuses to the Constitution; because inaction could cause the drumbeat for war in Iran to rise; because torture doesn't only happen in the movies; because I could not face my grandchildren if I voted otherwise; because of very reasonable suspicion of bribery, treason, war-profiteering, and other high crimes and misdemeanors; because we have the right to petition our government; because the world watches and waits for us, I dissent and cast the lone Committee vote in favor of Rep. Hall's resolution as a petition for impeachment proceedings to begin in the US Congress."


Brother Tim said...

The Scott Ridder piece was a good find, Betmo. Thanks.

Renegade Eye said...

Scott Ritter had an interesting debate once with Christopher Hitchens over Iraq. Ritter overwhelmed him with numbers. Hitch is used to arguing theory. Hitch questioned his progressive credentials. Scott undermined that argument, by saying he was a conservative.