Wednesday, May 14, 2008

looking in the mirror- is it possible for israel?

the other side of israel's birth:

"Mr. Bronstein contends that Israel's failure to recognize its responsibility for Palestinian dispossession is a critical though invisible part of Israeli history, that embracing this history is the first step toward acknowledging Palestinians as fellow human beings, and that this process can lead beyond peace to permanent reconciliation between the two peoples. While the Palestinians clearly "lost the war" in 1948, the decision to prevent them from returning to their ancestral homes was a political decision that has led to a constant state of friction and war between Israel and its neighbors."


Brother Tim said...

I'm a smoker......can't hold my breath THAT long. ;)

dawn said...

I think peace will never be possible because Palestians and mostly every other Arab nation still pretend that Isreal doesn't exist and I think for peace they must come into the year 2008.

betmo said...

dawn honey- we are so going to have to agree to disagree on this one.