Friday, May 09, 2008

it's really too bad

that hillary has such a disconnect with real people. and no- she doesn't really live in chautauqua. i think she may have spent like one night there or something when she was running for election here the first time. she is a beltway insider all the way and she lives in washington- for all of you non new yorkers out there. real people- not the 'all american, white, blue collar barely high school educated morons' who vote for her- can see right the hell through her ambitions. she can stand up there and claim to be for common folk against the elitists- but really. she grew up in white suburbia and attended yale for fuck sake. and i won't get started with the fake southern accent. i know she's married to bill but really. anyhoo- this elitist, non politically correct, non feminist is just saying-

hillary, you had my respect at one point and lost it the instant you lied to me and your other constituents here in new york state. your decision to run for president had nothing to do with you wanting to be a public servant and everything to do with your ambition to be one of the most powerful women in the world. heady stuff i know but you screwed the people of new york and hey, pataki already did that for you. i am not a misogynist and my not supporting you means i am not supporting YOU- not your gender- which i share. there are many other very intelligent, very talented women who would do a much better job than you and actually keep their word. so- sweep up what little dignity you have off of the floor and step aside already. you are adding nothing to the process and are taking far more away. you have no right to continue and i sincerely hope (a vain hope i know) that the democratic party ostracizes you and bill. you are more republican than democrat and you certainly don't represent me one iota. please don't ever expect me to vote for you again.

i will vote for you when i give the democrats money.


Anonymous said...

"i will vote for you when i give the democrats money."

Guess that's your way of saying "When hell freezes over.".

She may have opened the door for other women as viable candidates though. Then again, she may have also established a pre-conceived notion for all future women candidates.

Brother Tim said...

Hillary can be described by one word-------Venal.

Hahaha... the word verification is: yylbj

I was saying THAT in the 60s.

catnapping said...

were she to have won the nomination, i would have voted for her. (painful as the action might have been.)

the next president will appoint at least 2 justices to our USSC, and who knows how many federal judges throughout the land.

we have already slid into fascism. if mccain is allowed to appoint the sorts of nazis he's hoping to, we may as well move to the yukon, cuz america as we know it will no longer exist. (as republian as clinton is, i think she would have avoided ultra-right judges...the very ones mccain is promising to appoint.)

at any rate, thank god we won't have to worry about clinton. she's lost. and short of joining mccain's ticket, she can't hurt obama. his popularity continues to grow. blowhardedly, i predict an obama victory over mccain 60/40.

obama 2008!

John Good said...

She's toast at this point. Let's just pray that she does no further damage to the party!