Saturday, May 10, 2008

in the minority

not because i am a woman but because i don't feel part of america. at least not the reality that is america. i voted for obama- not because he was my first choice or because i believe he is a magic panacea for what ails this country. i have no illusions that he will save this country and return it to what it was. that isn't possible. what does he have going for him that clinton doesn't? more integrity. that's not saying that i look at him with rose colored glasses. i believe he is a politician and politicians are people- and he wouldn't have gotten to where he is today without wheelin' and dealin' somehow. my husband does too to a certain extent in his job. doesn't mean he doesn't have the best interests of clients- or constituents- at heart. i am voting for obama because he is the best out of the three candidates and clinton refuses to stop making an ass out of herself and destroying what's left of the democratic party. but that isn't why i won't be a democrat anymore.

it's the party itself. the rank and file. the volunteers and the supporters of the candidates. the democratic party has gone right- and i won't be a part of that. it goes against everything i stand for. most folks read blog posts and read the posts- skipping over the comments. i don't. i realize that not everyone has the time i do to spend online but once in awhile read the comments. i took out any blog that supported clinton from my google reader starting with this blog- because of things like this:

"yes, you bet I’m voting for McCain and every other republican out there I can find! The DNC’s lack of leadership is appalling and I for one will not allow 3 million MI and Fl voters to be silenced without exerting some form of retribution. As for kissing roe v wade goodbye, well let me tell you, it’s better than kissing our country, the US of A, goodbye to militant islamic groups, the groups your precious, corrupt BO and his terrorist sympathizing advisors and funders love to coddle. I hope you Obamatots grow up and understand that the campaign between Hillary and BO is NOT a popularity contest. This is a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE!"

not a part of the actual post- but one of the many comments. feel free to read more- if i hadn't told you that it was a clinton support blog- you may have mistaken it for a mccain blog.

and then i read articles like this:

"On Friday, Barack Obama publicly raised the possibility of helping Hillary Clinton pay off more than $25 million in debts, including the $11.42 million she loaned her own campaign to keep it afloat in recent months."

many obama supporters are as militant as the clintonistas. you have people using right wing tactics to win an alleged democratic nomination and the whole thing stinks of a neo con coup. so- not only am i going independent- i am thinking seriously- and have not made a firm decision yet- of withdrawing from american politics altogether. the time for making a difference through the ballot box is long over. whether we get mcbama, mcclinton, or mcbush part 3- we are getting the status quo politics because big corporate is still going to run the show. it doesn't really matter who we put out front- we are simply stalling the inevitable.

we are running headlong into a depression:

"Glass-Steagall, the law enacted in1933 to prevent another Great Depression was repealed at the behest of bankers. While it is true that at certain times the US government will act in the best interest of society, usually (and usually in the guise of so doing) the US government is the pawn of the special interests that benefit from the trough of government largesse and regulation. The repealing of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 was therefore a reversion to the mean."

we are going to be fighting a never ending series of wars and there is going to be food shortages and outright famine- coupled with drought and water shortages. most brought on by the corporatocracy's desire to continue reaping profits. billions of people on this planet are going to die- and if you think that there is much we are going to do about that- i don't really know what to tell you.

there are those of us who see what is happening with clarity and there are those who continue to get caught up in fighting with the very people they should be allying with. my thought is- the conservative mentality has successfully pervaded and invaded the american psyche- and when you have the majority of people in this country realizing that america's path in the universe has gone horribly wrong-- but then using right wing tactics on each other- well, to me it means that the neo cons have won. there simply aren't enough thinking people to stop the onslaught.


Brother Tim said...

Wow!!! Great post, Betmo, I couldn't agree more if I tried. That is the reason I've been an Independent for 40 years. Hang in there, Kiddo, the sh*t hasn't hit the fan yet. It's gonna be messy and very ugly.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"of withdrawing from american politics altogether"
Good idea. That sand will be so warm around your ears....

Frederick said...

Certainly tempting, dropping out of politics, and it maybe an option...just as soon as I know who is picking the next three or four Supreme Court Judges.