Sunday, May 25, 2008

i am leaving this post up all weekend

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the war inside- terrance heath

"Years later, when my parents came to visit me in Washington, D.C., I took my Dad to the Korean and Vietnam war memorials. I watched him walk the length of the Vietnam memorial, stopping at the names of the men he'd known. I witness his silent tears at each stop. Yet, we never talked about his experience. To this day I don't know what he saw, or what he brought home from those wars.

I think that's because he'd brought home his experiences from the war, but wanted to keep the war — the war inside — out of his home."


Ingrid said...

Betmo, my husband works for the VA and he was appalled at the stupidity of that memo. I believe that person got fired if I'm not mistaken (don't quote me on it though, dh is asleep I'll have to check with him tomorrow). I still have not been successful in finding a way to set something up for veterans with combat related ptsd but I haven't given up. The interest and true commitment to help out with something like that is very hard to find. As a parent, I simply cannot do it by myself nor would I want to. The 'community' should stand behind the support of these vets who desperately need help, not only psychologically, but as the article mentioned, financial as well. Hell, they need all the help they can get!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"The Dog always moves after he shits on the rug", meaning care for vets is only improved after some of the worst is displayed.

This weekend, we will witness the man who murdered, maimed, and tortured so many, speak eloquent words written for him about how noble our soldiers are and how we all should be so deeply indebted to them.

We also should be looking for a way to kill the man that kills them.

Naj said...

Betmo, this is irrelevant but response to comment you left at Bro Tim:

WSJ had an opinion piece saying that Clinton's new tactic of blaming her loosing on misogyny means that over 50% of Democrats are sexist. But, democrats always claimed that it's the republicans who are sexist => the sexist republicans and the sexist democrats will not vote for her.

Extending that logic, Hillary says that her supporters are white who won't vote for Obama; so the half that support Clinton are racist! => 50% of democrats are sexist; 49% of them racist => 99% of democrats are racist or sexist. This woman shourl run for mcCain's Vice Presidency!

an average patriot said...

They do not care about our soldiers once they can no longer fight. It took my ex Father in law almost 50 years to open up as to his ww2 combat experiences. Some relatives were not affected some never recovered. My Uncle saw combat in Korea and Nam and did 230 years no problem. Some it hits hard but the Government does not care. They will act only if forced.
I am convinced one of my sons brought it home from Afghanistan but the military deemed him okay for further combat. He does not want to be with his wife and little girls. He wants to be in the thick of things. He was just sent back to Iraq. Daily and nightly rocket attacks weren't good enough for him. He is a team leader but he got Bull and asked for a transfer to the action. They concurred and Monday he gets his wish. He is really concerning me! The law of averages you know? It makes it harder when you see some of our brave troops and you know they are being abused and misused carelessly and this mess is just starting!

DivaJood said...

I have several friends who are Vietnam Vets - Vets who saw combat, and who suffer terribly from PTSD. I have several friends who are Vietnam Vets who did not see combat, who had desk jobs and who are forever grateful for that. Two of the men I know have recently found their way into a program that the VA doesn't really make known to Vets - they both found out by word of mouth. Another guy died two years ago, from cancer, probably related to Agent Orange.

And John McCain was off at a fundraiser, which meant he didn't get to vote against increasing benefits to our Servicemen and Women - a bill he would have voted against.

Yes, let's ignore PTSD. Let's let the young men and women returning from Iraq after way too many tours of duty - after Stop Loss after Stop Loss - let's let them try to figure out their nightmares on their own. Let's just sweep it all under the carpet, and pretend there is nothing wrong.

Pardon me while I scream.

Renegade Eye said...

My father fought in WWII. He doesn't say a word about it.

Daniel said...

War should be treated as what it is. It should never be glorified, given gun salutes, elaborate parades, massed bands, manufactured speeches, crocodile tears.

War diminishes all those that it touches. It is barbaric, brutal, primitive, soul-destroying, evil and, ironically, it solves nothing.

But it does make some people rich, very, very rich and, in this world, that's all that counts!

Coffee Messiah said...

Having listened to, and conducted oral histories, too many have come back not knowing how to "let it out" mainly due to the anxiety in remembering what they saw/did.

When people do not sign up to do the bidding for the rich and the military industrial complex, only then will there be no more war! ; (

WeezieLou said...

my father never talks abt WWII. My uncle, who i was closer to, was in the Korean War. i was a psychotherapist and one time talked to him abt what PTSD meant (which he clearly had). he broke down in tears - he didn't know there was a name for it, he simply thought he was "crazy".

"We also should be looking for a way to kill the man that kills them". but i disagree with using violence as a way to get back at someone.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Happy Memorial Day, b.

Thoughtful post, and very sad. So few words, but so powerful. It expresses the horrors of war that most of us will never know or see.

My thoughts go out to our soldiers who continue to fight for a president with no honor.

landsker said...

Both the article and the comments touch a very raw nerve.
My father did the second WW, my grandfather the first, both survived, with less than positive comments to make about the experience.
In later life neither enjoyed good health, and indeed, not just them, but for all soldiers and civilians caught up in years of warfare, , it is no wonder that mental breakdowns occur.
They never spoke too much about it all, but they both realised that war makes some people rich, whilst others suffer and die.
War is sold as being noble and patriotic, as being good versus evil, in reality of course, it is about control of finance, people and resources.
The soldiers are like barrels of fuel, used up, emptied out, and thrown to the side of the battle.