Thursday, May 22, 2008

he's kidding right?

i mean seriously- he has to be joking after this country has been led by draft dodging morons for the last 15 years or so (counting the rethuglican control of congress).

mccain questions obama's lack of military service


an average patriot said...

I listened to this exchange between Obama and McCain. Obama criticized McCain and rightly so for not voting in favor of giving the troops added benefits. McCain in his smart ass holier than thou tone said I do not need someone who has not served in the military telling me how to treat the troops and that was the end of that one.
McCain shut him up and it made McCain look strong. That should have been the beginning and Obama should have shut him up.
Obama should have responded saying I do not have to be a woman to know how to treat them.Thus shutting McCain up, taking no punches, shutting him up, and appearing wiser as he is and more presidential.
He has to learn how to fight like theses idiots. Taking the higher ground is just going to be a quicker way out of town. Do I have to teach Obama how to debate on this level? If he does not learn we are already done!

Brother Tim said...

You should have put comedy and absurdity in the labels also.

Larry said...

McCain hasn't minded the lack of service of the one to which his tongue has been embedded through the earlobe area.

DivaJood said...

I am seriously wondering about McCain's lack of integrety. McCain could not be bothered to show up for yesterday's vote giving added benefits to the troops (which he opposed)(which carried 75 to 22, and McCain would have made it 23 against). Yet he attacks Obama for not having served. Bush went fucking AWOL from the National Guard - where's McCain's indignation about that?

an average patriot said...

Just to reassure you do not worry about questioning McCain's integrity he has none. You know his POW time is always considered a plus. they disregard what really happened there and the effect it had on his mind. Remember poor Stockdale embarrassing himself by running for VP? The poor guy was shot by that time but his POW status was exploited and that is all that mattered. Oh well, Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend!

Sarah said...

McCain constantly votes against ANY measures for the troops. Here is just a small list:

veterans for common sense