Sunday, May 04, 2008

happy sunday

"People are getting fat and slow and stupid. Every little tic and twist now has a pharmaceutical remedy and a support group to nurture and glorify their tribulation. It’s a world of dysfunctional Jesus clones weeping with Oprah and saving the world.

Something is going on and it’s hard to get a handle on exactly what it is. Did bad aliens take over? Is Satanism the new Christianity? Is there something in the water or the air? Is it the GWEN system? Is it a combination of all of these and more? It’s suffocating and like a heavy narcotic dream. It’s not having any effect on the bumps moving under the blanket but we don’t know what those are. The bodies keep showing up and the subway to Hell keeps running while the sidebars on the car say Disney World."

smoking mirrors: the bumps under the blanket and suicide flu

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