Friday, May 30, 2008

going offline for awhile

i am moving and i have no idea when i will be back. please feel free to talk amongst yourselves and email me if you want- i won't have internet for a bit though- so it may take me awhile to respond. don't fret- i'll be back at some point. i am up to my eyeballs in boxes and i see no point in renewing internet for time we won't be on it in june- so- enjoy! the weather is gorgeous here and i am off to the water people so that i have water!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I thought it suddenly got awful damn quiet around here!:P

Congratulations to you and Mr. Betmo on your new home. It's beautiful!! May you have all the joy of "Honey, where in hell is....." that we did.:)

But most of all, may the first thing you do is fill it with love.

Even if you have to do it on the floor!:)

Hugs to a wonderful friend!!

Beth said...


Pagan Sphinx said...

Wonderful to hear of your good news! The house looks roomy and nice.


John Good said...

Woohoo! Best wishes!