Wednesday, May 21, 2008

dodged another bullet

so to speak. i don't care for the republican ideology. i think it is backward thinking and moving and it's aggressive and violent. i will save my criticism of the democratic party for later- that's a longer rant- and not the purpose of this post. anyhoo- i want to go on record as saying- i have no idea who the hell hired gates as secretary of defense- but i am glad that they did. again, he's on the opposite side of the fence than me- but overall in his brief tenure- he has worked steadily to reverse many of rumsfeld's plans and directives. he is part of bushco- so i don't agree with him on every issue- but i do on this one:

wider antiterror role for elite forces rejected

"The military’s elite Special Operations Command has quietly stepped back from a controversial plan that gave it the authority to carry out secret counterterrorism missions on its own around the world."


an average patriot said...

It sounds good but because of this I don't think anything was gained and once again we are placated: In many ways, Mr. Rumsfeld’s goals for the Special Operations Command are being carried out by a subordinate unit, the Joint Special Operations Command.
plus my big concern is private security. What are they involved in? Where around the world are they instigating? I just absolutely 100% do not trust this mis-administration!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

I agree that Gates is an improvement, but I am also skeptical like patriot.

I mean 99 degrees is an improvement over 100 but they are both too hot.

I do think Gates is more willing to acknowledge the problems in Iraq and the shortcomings of past Bush policies.

But I will again agree with partiot. I do not trust anyone in bushcos administration.

The Dems are not perfect, way far from it, but, Obama has to be an improvement over bushco. (gagging myself every time I have to type it.)

hope you are well, b.

Frederick said...

Wanna hear something else improbable? Petraeus: Diplomacy, Not Force, With Iran