Saturday, May 17, 2008

because being a citizen is such a big deal

in times of an emergency, isn't it better to save a fellow human being- and then sort things out later? not to mention in a catastrophe, many personal documents are often lost- or left behind when grabbing your child first. i don't like my country anymore. it's one thing to blame the politicians for instituting garbage laws- but it's another to be the one going along with the laws and carrying them out. how do these people sleep at night? do they really believe that this is the right course for america? we used to be a country proud to be the first ones to help each other in the event of a tornado, hurricane, flooding or whatever the case may be. this isn't the american way. it isn't even the human way. these are the first people to complain about patriotism if someone isn't wearing a lapel pin. fuck you all.

new american citizenship to be checked in event of storm

"Doty could not say what would happen if children in a vehicle were citizens but parents were not, or if everybody but an elderly grandparent had a green card.

"We try to keep families together, but I can't put a U.S. citizen in a detention center," he said."

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an average patriot said...

That is pretty screwed up what do they save citizens and let everyone else die. The way I look at it some Govt employees are hard core but some are just following set protocol. It doe stink but as Katrina and other catastrophes showed us, if their is a catastrophe you're on your own unless citizen volunteers come to the rescue. We are the only ones we can rely on today that is why we must stay together!