Monday, May 05, 2008

another reason to repeal the patriot act asap

how many more lives are going to be ruined by the need for justification by the feds? this isn't the first time they have destroyed an innocent person to be a scapegoat or poster boy for their draconian laws. we need to demand that these laws be repealed and some real thought put into homeland security.

fabricated 'bioterrorism' case collapses


an average patriot said...

officials at least have this naive citizen convinced that bioTerrorism is on the rise and supposedly because of fanatics.
That however is a crock! i believe we have had the conversation before about biologically altered food etc. and we said who knows what you are eating that has been altered? They obviously do not want you to know and as usual will go to great lengths to hide the truth! Life today is one big facade!

an average patriot said...

In an effort to stop people and companies from going overseas for expensive operations all of a sudden hospitals that have always charged exorbitant rates say they casn match the rates. Why not before? I hate the raping of average Americans!
On a like note you probably heard me suffering angst because Romney and then McCain called us the enemy of America because we try to help the poor, elderly and downtrodden, to the demise of hard working Americans.
I wish I had the link but I saw it everywhere that if there is an emergency preferential treatment would be given to the young and healthy. Those over 85 and those with preconditions will have to wait. My God is the country in trouble!

betmo said...

yep- i posted on it when it was in the news.

betmo said...