Thursday, April 03, 2008

weeping jesus on the cross!

25% think iran is biggest threat; iraq is 22% and china is 14%

apparently, they didn't do a poll about bushco- ahh... that propaganda really works


an average patriot said...

You're right they took the poll wrong. Bush is the biggest threat period. Without his instigation and interference there would be no threat in Iraq, and Iran is not threat until Bush attacks them.
Russia thanks to Bush his MDS and his NATOizing former USSR members. is a real and growing threat who will join China against Bush.
Also thanks to Bush North and South Korea are closer to war than ever. SK said they would do a preemptive strike against NK's nuclear facilities if they felt threatened by them. NK in turn threatened an attack and partial annihilation because SK is acting like like the chief idiot.
Bush is hands down the greatest threat to us and the world and that will bear out regardless of who the next President is because of the foundation Bush has laid!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

And 99% think whatever MSM makes mountain out of a mole hill about! Bad news for us.

Dave Dubya said...

Isn't it interesting that the most powerful militarized nation on earth has so many frightened citizens? It's utterly astounding!

This is proof the US government deliberately terrorizes its own people. No doubt the 25 percent who think Iran is a threat are the authoritarian personalities who are duped most easily.

Watch that number rise when General Betraeus brings his latest propaganda to instigate war with Iran.

I'm surprised Venezuela isn't on the list. It's not for lack of trying.