Saturday, April 19, 2008

summer in april

unseasonably warm here in upstate new york- 81 degrees is supposed to be the high. i decided that i would step away from houses and home improvement and go outside. i planted some day lilies and ripped up the rest of the grass in part of the yard. i then started my heirlooms for the garden. supposed to be tilled next week. should be able to plant a week or so after that. the cats are lazing about enjoying the fact that all of the windows are open- and i am about to go out back in the shade and perhaps read for awhile. depends on how noisy it is. enjoy.


an average patriot said...

Beautiful day to be out in the garden wasn't it? If you need any advice planting or dealing with the grubs and insects that will know what you planted and eat them let me know. I almost bought some of those tomato "trees" that grow 8' tall and 60 pounds of tomatoes. 3 for $10 but what the hell am I going to with 180 pounds of tomatoes. I gave away all my canning jars!

fjb said...

After spending two glorious days in the garden last weekend we planned on seeding the carrots, spinach, parsnips, and putting the onion sets in this Sunday. We woke up to 2 inches of snow this morning.:( It's supposed to warm up again this week though, and I'm going to put some black plastic down to heat the soil up quickly. I'm determined to seed next weekend, unless of course I have to dig through the white stuff to get to the soil.:)