Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's pretty much official

i am withholding my vote for president in november. nope- i don't need the argument that every vote counts- because it apparently doesn't. why are we still talking about reverend wright? and really, how much influence does the man really have over anyone? why aren't we talking about hagee and his money influencing stuff on the right? i hear wright, wright, wright- and nary a peep about hagee or robertson or reed- or any of those churchy folks with money being ponied up from the pulpit to aid and abet neoconservatism and fundamentalism. nope. i am completely disgusted that obama responded with anything more than- 'we've already covered this and it's distractionary. let me tell you about my plan to create new jobs in the science sector and restart the economy.' so- he doesn't get my vote either. this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. i have spent much time on my 'hiatus'- yeah, yeah- reading poc blogs. because i want to know a perspective that isn't mine on the idiocy going on in this country. now, i admit, most are woc blogs- and much of that centers around the stupidity happening in feminist circles but occasionally there's the conversation about politics in general.

my thought is this- things aren't going to get better here. we have always been a divided country and we will be from now until the planet collapses. people don't change well. we are divided by- oh almost everything. race, gender, sexual orientation, political party, religion- you name it- we don't agree. and we don't agree to disagree and then compromise either. so- that's that. this election isn't going to bridge any gaps- in fact it is widening them thanks to stupidity and blind ambition. clinton is getting her wish and she is destroying the political process in what could have been a year of some breathing room for the country- but no. obama played right into her and the rest of the neocon's hands by buying into the wright thing hook, line and sinker- and mccain will win and whoever is his vice will be president by his second term. so- i am withholding my vote for president. it's my right as a citizen to do what i will with my vote. and i will not cast it in this election.


MichaelBains said...

I'm still going to vote - hopefully for Obama, in November, but this is both sad and frustrating, and I completely understand where you're comin' from.

People do suck, but the same people are usually pretty wonderful in other ways. Blech! Hang in there!

Dave Dubya said...

I don't blame you. Voting only matters in a democracy with fair elections.

And besides, the president has already been selected by the McMedia and GOP Voting Machines Inc.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Why are we tolerating this bullshit at all, from either loser? When the latest opinion poll shows 100% of voters think you're as phony as a padded bra, this horse shit will come to a screaming halt. There are idiots supporting idiots. To expect a Nobel Prize winner to come from that crowd is more than a little delusional.:)

Sornie said...

I have to strongly disagree with not voting. It is frustrating to hear a news cycle totally wrapped up in miniscule bullshit such as preachers and lapel pins but at least if/when Obama gets the official nomination, he has pushed his agenda of change and hope and in this clusterfuck as of late, that's exactly what we need instead of airheaded ignorance and 4-more years of the same with a guy who could have a life-ending heart attack next Thursday.

an average patriot said...

It is quite simple but as usual I can't get people to realize it. I posted on this the other day but in a nut shell MSM is in the rights pocket. As I have said innumerable times it is a media controlled agenda.
They control the agenda and the discussions. First McCain is a given already but I will still do my end and just watch how this will get stolen this time. Anyway, MSM got off Hillary and on Obama when she whined and they were worried Obama might get the nomination.
They have to stay off McCain and stay on Obama until they sink him and guarantee the scenario Bush called for 2 years ago. They want to face Hillary because they know they will defeat her and guarantee a continuation of Bush's new order agenda only worse because McCain is even much worse if you can believe that. as you know I say frequently that this entire mess is just beginning
I saw a poll today that we are in trouble because 50% of Dems said they will switch or not vote if their nominee is not nominated. That is asinine and counter productive to our future. At least make them steal it or whatever they're going to do.