Tuesday, April 29, 2008

israel is wrong

there- it's out there. the israeli policies of walling up and starving and bombing the crap out of helpless families of Palestinians along with their continued building in what is palestinian neighborhoods is flat out, unequivocably wrong. period. israel does not have a right to exist in this manner. israelis and Palestinians should be living together side by side- and the days when israel needed to bomb the shit out of its neighbors is over. america is the single biggest threat to stability and democracy in the region and if we stopped aiding the corrupt israeli government with selling arms and whatnot- there'd be some real progress post haste because there would be no choice but diplomacy.

read here:

"There are few political relationships more fraught than that between American Jews and Israel. As the national emblem of Jewish identity, Israel is seen by many Jews as sacrosanct. Some Jews passionately identify with Israel and its policies and angrily reject any criticism of it, often attacking critics as anti-Semites or self-hating Jews. But even those Jews who privately harbor misgivings about Israel’s policies often keep their opinions to themselves because the subject is simply too charged. Anyone, Jewish or not, who dares to say or write anything critical about Israel quickly learns that they have poked a hornet’s nest."

which is precisely why we have to keep standing up and saying it. israel is wrong.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Oh Jesus! Couldn't you have written this at Christmas or Labor Day? There's some Jew a Thon happening or about to happen now...and they are going to have your ass.:)

Before they do, Israel, from purely a military standpoint, has been wrong for so long, right isn't in their dictionary anymore. Religiously....they can lie with the best in the world!!!

betmo said...

precisely why i wrote it :) as you are famous for telling me- words only have the meaning that people attach to them. i am not an antisemite- i am a prohumanatarian. i believe that folks should be treated fairly no matter what. i don't go back 50 years to justify harming another person- and i certainly don't believe in their god of vengeance and war. so- let them bring it on. they have no room to stand on this one.

starving people and walling them off from the rest of humanity- well, that isn't protecting oneself. that's genocide. i'll say it again--- it's genocide.

Mary said...

i don't go back 50 years to justify harming another person- and i certainly don't believe in their god of vengeance and war.

It's just a sensible statement.

fjb said...

Oh, oh, duck your head Bet, the Zionazi's will be paying you a visit soon.;)

President Carter has maintained that one of the most pressing issues of our time is Palestine. I'm in full agreement, and until we in the West have the guts to stand up to Israel, and say "no more", nothing is going to improve. Not Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, ect, ect. As long as we continue to support Israel with our silence and our money, Arabs (not just Muslims) will never trust us, and I don't blame them.

BTW, our Canadian Union of Postal Workers has voted to support the boycott of Israel and has recognized Israeli Apartheid. This is the strongest union in Canada, and they piss me off every two years when they strike about two weeks before the holiday season, but I'll never complain about that again.