Thursday, April 10, 2008

in the news- and other things

so i have been perusing the news a bit and what i have found- folks are not connecting with reality. if they are- they are blocking the shit right out. it completely boggles my mind that we have people in this country up in arms enough to protest and make asses out of themselves over the folks in tibet- and they are calling for george bush of all people- to boycott the olympics in china. um, yeah. please don't get the wrong idea. i don't dig what china has done and continues to do to tibet and any little country that stands in its way- or its own people for that matter. but the disconnect at the fact that america has some of the worst human rights violations in the world these days- well, it's staggering. asking bush to boycott is just so chock full of hypocrisy it's astounding. the news is all over the admin for torture practices and who ok'd what and whatever. who cares? there isn't anything that is ever going to be done about it- not one person from cheney to bush to yoo to rumsfeld will EVER be held accountable because they control this country. they don't need to be in office or in government anymore. they got what they came after and if you think that america is america anymore- you are seriously in denial.

not to be rude- but folks need a reality grip. the economy is tanking and we are going to be in iraq indefinitely- probably ditto afghanistan and they want to go into iran. corporates like monsanto are poisoning our food and fighting labeling cloned meats- big pharma is polluting our minds and bodies- and water supply. everything is being privatized to maximize profits and control- and america has become a police state. no- there aren't armed guards marching in the streets- but the changes in our local police agencies combined with agreements with our neighbors to the north to swap military personnel- should be a wee alarming.

so- we have folks 'fighting for the cause'- in the same ways as we always have. we have the usual protests and letters to the congress and editors of papers. we blog our fingers to the bone and apparently, some of us blog ourselves into an early grave. to what end? there is no longer an intact constitution and there is no reason to trust that there ever will be again. we have people who not only still believe what the government tells them- but continue to buy into the system time and again. the federal government right now is the biggest employer in this country. who precisely are they employing? every agency that means anything is gutted- and i am surmising that homeland security has seen a boost in hiring. or perhaps they are contracting people like the state department and department of justice. we have americans in this country at this moment teaching in various law schools- private, public, religious and whatever- who condone torture and dismantling completely the constitution in order to make this a white, christian nation. we have high school kids pointing out that their texts are skewed towards a conservative bend and that the information is not accurate. the whole country is screwed- and yet we all continue to try and put a square peg into a round hole.

this culture has been programmed to do what it's told. free thinking isn't encouraged. we have been programmed to show up at our cubicle at a certain time; make widgets for 8-10 hours a day and then go out shopping to buy the american dream of mcmansion with a white picket fence and an suv in the driveway. meanwhile, any important life skills that may have helped us have been soothed away with pharma of all kinds and distractions of all designs. if there isn't some noise on- people get bored instantly. there is no way in hell that most people in this country will unplug from the matrix- they don't know any different and they like being part of the system.

my point is- nothing is going to change. no one is going to be held accountable and the elections aren't going to change that. we are constantly thrown distractions like bones to slavering dogs- the elections themselves are a distraction. we have a million different news angles every single day and no one really parses out the important stories. many of the people in america don't even have internet access- they rely on network and cable news for their information. we can rail and rant and rave- we can contact congress and vote our one vote- and the same type of person is still going to win the election. we need to think smarter and outside of the box. and i don't know if many americans are capable of that at this point. difficult times are coming and the folks who aren't prepared outnumber those who are. and i know enough about this culture to know- that those people are selfish and shortsighted enough to take what isn't theirs from those who had foresight to prepare. i don't intend to be a statistic.


fjb said...

I've spent the last ten years preparing, even though for the first four of it I couldn't for the life of me understand why I had a driving obsession to learn how to garden organically, can everything from fruit to meat, dry everything from fruit to meat, trim my own horses feet, make candles: You name it, I've think I've learned to do most it, mainly by trial and error.

My ex-husband thought I was loosing my mind, and there were many moments when I thought he may have been right. Now I have to try very hard not to be smugly self-satisfied.

My son asked me the other day after watching a documentary about global warming with Dr. David Suzuki, whether I thought we'd be alright. There was real concern in his voice, bordering on fear, and all I could say in all honesty was, I hope so. Honesty has always been important between us, and we don't blow sunshine up each others butts, we tell it like it is. Not trying to sound paranoid here, but like you, I'm more concerned about what those who haven't prepared may be capable of than I am about my own self-sufficiency.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Some more rain on your parade....

What makes you think if you have a big, green garden, and food is short, "they" won't simply walk in your yard, restrain you, and take what they want out of your garden? it's hard to hide a garden big enough to live off.

Nobody is going to shoot you, me, or anybody else on these blogs that have ten cent blogs. For one reason, they need you to replant that garden next year.

I agree with all you said, but the attitude with which you approach the situation makes me wonder why you don't just lay down and wait to be shot in the back?

"we have the usual protests and letters to the congress and editors of papers. we blog our fingers to the bone and apparently, some of us blog ourselves into an early grave. to what end?"
The exceedingly simple. and at times infuriating, inability of the human spirit to completely give up.

Hope, another words.:)

betmo said...

no dan honey- i don't intend to lay down and be shot without going down with a fight. :) i am just tired of people continually taking the path of distraction because reality sucks. i know it sucks but it wouldn't suck as bad if we had actually dealt with things before it got too late.

and i don't think you are paranoid one bit fjb- even if we are successful in slowing climate change- things will never be the same again. this is a worldwide decline and we are all going down on the same ship.