Monday, April 28, 2008


i am leaving this blog for awhile. it isn't a sad thing- i will continue to post tuesdays for the sirens and the peace tree- but i don't have time to write constantly right now. i have much going on- many home improvement projects that can be done now that nicer weather is upon us- and i am starting a garden soon- coupled with the yardwork and whatnot already- it will be a lot. plus- i am tentatively moving at the end of may- so- i have much to do in a short time- and i need a break anyway. life is for the living- and there may or may not be much living left. we'll see. things look bleak out there- and the only thing we can control is our own sphere. please take the time and prepare for the worst. if you never have to use your supplies- well, at least you were prepared. i hope to be back in a timely fashion- and i may write occasionally over at betmo's corner- but i have much to do and there's only one me. i will leave you with words i consider to be wise- namaste.

survival acres

"All efforts to save, sacrifice or prevent the coming calamity are misguided or blind hope exercises, based upon a critical misunderstanding of the severity of the problem. I liken this to the same efforts to try to change our political system, it’s so badly abused and perverted today that it would be better to destroy it then to attempt to fix it. All we ever get is more self-appointed and “anointed” monsters ever (s)Election cycle and nothing ever changes and nothing ever will.

We can’t stop climate change either — or the police state, or the march towards fascism, or the food supply problem, or the energy problem or the melting polar caps, or the methane gas release from the permafrost, or the acidification of the oceans, or the two party system, or actually much of anything at all. And every single one of these things, all by themselves spells our guaranteed collapse because our momentum cannot be halted, it can only collapse.

We’re so far into overshoot because of past cheap energy that the crash of our oil-soaked civilization is a foregone conclusion. Plan according. Plan as if your life depends on it, because it does. Plans as if it is “all over” because it is. Plan as if you are trying to survive the end of the world because you are. Plan as if the world’s entire population is going to go absolutely berserk and many of them will eventually try to kill you — because they will for you being smart enough to plan ahead (yeah, you’re going to make many enemies for having foresight and a modicum of intelligence, get used to it).
Crashstead plans. Make them now and follow them through. It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense. Do it now. Do what works for you."


annie said...

take care betmo...busy times. my garden is getting a late start, due to moving. time to hunker down and prepare for whatever the hell is next.

Blue Gal said...

Thanks for the linky love in your sidebar and you don't have to explain May blogging hiatus if it was up to me it would be an official thing.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
I wouldn`t worry too much, Canada is not far , and they speak English..
Seriously, I reckon that the "neo-con adventures" are due to come to a conclusion very soon.
Rest assured that it is not just a few Americans who want to see the end of the "military industrial complex".
There are, across the world, over 5 billion people who would probably support your hopes of a better America.
Surreal perhaps, but the end and defeat of the American military would indeed herald a brighter and more cohesive planet.
I guess it`s a question of ploughshares or swords.
The world doesn`t need any more weapons or war, we need wholesome food and honest work.
Take care now,
"May the wind be at your back, and the sun upon your smile."

Georg said...

Hi Betmo,

Yes, very good. Leave the 'puter and hit the garden.

While pottering around, near the ground, you can always compose some new haiku on the subject.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

You'll be back. You'll get a hair up your ass and you'll need a place to fart it out...:)

I'll be around.

Capt. Fogg said...

Drat - I just discovered you and now you're leaving?

DivaJood said...

I get it. I really do.

proudprogressive said...

a good rest and hands in the dirt, moving, living, breathing is critically important. Planting a garden is as if not more valuable than a blog post in my humble opinion. There is a time to rest , if i didn't - i would die. Friends can take breaks, start up again. after an hiatus and everything is cool , if not better. Good on you betmo, spiritual warriors , all of us need rest , and yes HELL is upon us - economically - its here now.

much peace and love to you pal !

and drop by when you feel like it , just to get a good rant off , rants are always welcome at NOTES.