Tuesday, April 08, 2008


just an fyi- i have absolutely nothing to say and no desire to blog. i am going to be busy so posting will be sporadic at best. i fully intend to read and clean and paint and garden- and i am a firm believer in- if you don't have anything to say- keep quiet. i wanted to let folks know- at this point i have not been renditioned :) i will be lurking and reading and occasionally writing if the mood strikes me. i don't see much point in regular blogging these days. perhaps it's spring fever. :)


an average patriot said...

Take a break betmo you deserve it! I will not add to anything but just say I hope you are relaxing and preparing for Gardening. It will be here before you need it. I don't know how rural it is in your area but the last couple of nights have towns will have a more important role than ever. We're alright.

Dusty said...

I know the feeling..hang in there and keep on keeping on sista!

Larry said...

I know the feeling but don't take forever.