Saturday, April 12, 2008


jim over at an average american patriot gave me the link to this site- cows by the fence. interesting take on the world and how to survive in it. check it out while you are tooling the nets.

i am a proponent of using arable land for something- i absolutely hate mowing lawns. hate it. i have no idea why the manicured lawn came into vogue- but give me a plain old yard that has flowers and indigenous plants any day over the bright green grass that looks fake and is drenched in 800 lbs. of chemicals to keep it that way. wasted of space, earth and water. even if you live in the city- you can garden. at the very least- a couple of tomato and pepper plants and an herb window box. we all have room. decreasing our dependence on supermarkets is going to be imperative because foodstuffs are a commodity to be bought and sold on the market- hence the shortages and the price hikes.

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