Friday, April 18, 2008

end of the week

i am swirling around some thoughts for the weekend but i don't have time to post them at this time :) it has been a long week- and i am looking forward to a long weekend of household chores that need catching up. sister is going back to work monday (no, no- not cause for celebration. guess who has to get up at the butt crack of dawn and take her until she can walk to the bus? guess who isn't and never has been- a morning person?) anyhoo- must paint before the weather gets too hot- so that is next on the agenda. my heirlooms came in the mail jim :) and i am having my garden plot tilled up in a week or so- so that is also next on the agenda. busy, busy, busy.... but i will attempt to keep folks looped best i can. i do have some thoughts about the recent election stupidity and of course- climate change, religion, war, famine, ..... you know- the usual :) i have to finish my cuppa and hit the road. gotta work this morning. later.


Fade said...

Finally the weekend is here. Enjoy yours, even if it does sound busy

an average patriot said...

Yippee! Good luck on your upcoming schedule! I'm psyched you got your seeds. I planted some potatoes (better than oranges as a source of vitamin c), onions, and garlic (good to keep insects from your plants, plant some cloves from the fridge). Early can be put in right now and get seeds started but I do recommend buying plants and they should be out soon at a store near you and they are pretty cheap. Buy the healthiest stockiest plants but any will catch up and do well. If you buy rangy plants just bury them deep. Stay in touch!