Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bitter and cynical in hillary territory

oh- you can see more pics here if you want. i have a feeling that something like this makes folks more bitter than barack obama speaking the truth. i live in upstate new york- hillary's constituency that she has largely forgotten in her second term. if she bothered to come by, she might see the crumbling infrastructure and rising tax rolls for nothing. i don't have a sidewalk- because you have to pay half to have it fixed- and it wasn't until last year i got a curb. why? no funds. our tax base is shrinking because folks are leaving upstate new york in droves- no jobs. why am i beating that particular drum? because that's the platform she ran on- bringing more jobs to upstate new york:

'During the campaign, Clinton vowed to improve the economic picture in upstate New York, promising that her plan would deliver 200,000 New York jobs over six years. Her plan included specific tax credits with the purpose of rewarding job creation and encouraging business investment, especially in the high-tech sector. She called for targeted personal tax cuts for college tuition and long-term care.[83]'

if you are a hillary supporter, i would suggest you make an appointment to see a shrink- because if new york state is any example of another clinton in charge, i am here to tell you- ain't much difference between them and the bushes and mccains. and i doubt i am alone in that assessment. i don't look to obama as a saviour but he is intelligent and has a bit more integrity than the other two- and at the very least hasn't been around long enough to be an insider at this point. we need a break. so- i have already had my primary- and truth be told- i wish everyone else had to. at this point, this whole farce is- well, farcical.


DivaJood said...

Mrs. Clinton is an opportunist who cares about herself. She's all about the photo-op. She's all about making empty promises to sound good. She is amoral. (not immoral.)

an average patriot said...

It is sickening to see her hoisting a beer. We're supposed to think she is one of the boys. I can't believe you have to pay for half of your sidewalk. That's pretty screwed up. I thought at least according to her, that she was doing a good job?
We had to start paying 425 every 4 months for rubbish pick up with our water Bill. Plus you are allowed 1 barrel and have to pat $1.50 per yellow bag from the city. It's just Beginninnngg!

John Good said...

Long story short:

"Carpetbagger losing to opponent from her home town. Buh-bye"!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I've said it for a long time...Bush Lite.

Pretty funny post about knocking back the shots here.:)

Fade said...

you are not alone.

DivaJood said...

That's not a beer, that's supposed to be a "boiler-maker", like she's really a good ole boy.