Monday, March 10, 2008

well meaning clinton supporter?

or rethuglican spoilers? oh right........


16,000 rethuglicans in cuyahoga, ohio voted for hill

and she doesn't find this a problem.

"Those who crossed lines were supposed to sign a pledge card vowing allegiance to their new party.

In Cuyahoga County, dozens and dozens of Republicans scribbled addendums onto their pledges as new Democrats:

"For one day only."

"I don't believe in abortion."

A Plain Dealer review of thousands of records showed few of those who switched were challenged by poll workers."

and this isn't a problem for her? perhaps that's why former clinton supporters are- well- former:

"She's proven that she cares more about "Hillary" than "unity." More about defeating Obama than defeating the Republicans. She's become a political suicide-bomber, happy to blow herself to bits -- as long as she takes everyone else with her."


Larry said...

Sounds like a certain candidate is no better than the corrupt president she wants to replace.

Sarah said...

Wow, Republicans are really stupid. They'll do anything - no matter how shady - to get their candidate a win.

And Hillary? Forget her.