Monday, March 03, 2008

there are days...

when i want to go and swallow that blue pill. today being one of those days- obviously. the folks who live in blue pill world don't have pangs of conscience. i have heard the phrase that truth is freeing- but i think that that is patently untrue. why? because knowing a truth means bearing the responsibility for knowing that truth- and it can be a heavy burden. unless, of course, you are evil. or a neo con. or both. i look at what is happening again in gaza and still in iraq and afghanistan. i see what we are doing in africa and agitating in south america- and it makes my soul weary and it makes it sick. my heart weeps for my country and my planet- and for all of the souls who are suffering because of this evil that has taken over. i realize that the concepts of good and evil are simplified. i would ordinarily agree that no one is all good or all bad at any given time. but i believe with every fiber of my being that there are people on this planet without one redeemable quality whatsoever. i do.

these people have known for decades that global climate change was happening- and suppressed the evidence. they then continued on in the same vein- making obscene amounts of profits and ruining our planet in the process. now, they know that billions are going to die because the earth cannot sustain what we have been doing to it for decades. and they are causing war around the globe strategically to get their hands on the remaining resources that they will need to survive. the puzzle pieces fit- i swallowed the red pill. i just wish all of this wasn't real. at this point- i think i would rather be the battery.


TomCat said...

Betmo, I think there must be some good in everyone, even Bush. However the ratio for him and his minions are so far skewed in the other direction that the good is invisible. Maybe he's nice to his dog.

Brother Tim said...

I always go for the red ones, the blue ones are emaciating.

Tom--As for Bush's dog.....I wouldn't bet my last shekel on it.