Thursday, March 06, 2008

resist in march

click the picture on the sidebar- and it will give you info on upcoming nonviolent activism events around the country and around the world. if you are in the neighborhood of any of these events, consider taking part. march 10-19, 2008.

also, 5 year anniversary of invading iraq is coming up. can you believe it? time flies when you are systematically killing a country. add your name to the blogswarm and take part on march 19. it will be a wrap up of the nonviolent resistance movements from above.

details will be coming for the blog against theocracy blogswarm coming up march 21-23. you can go to first freedom first for ideas and information about protecting this country against organized religion.

and to finish march off- earth hour. for one hour on march 29th- folks and municipalities around the world will shut off their power. this is to raise awareness- and hopefully folks will go to the website for more info on how they can conserve their own power. it isn't just about trying to do what we can to save the planet. it is about reconnecting with personal accountability. we can't do much on our own- but we need to do what is right. personal responsibility.

and that wraps up march. so far- in april- earth day. again, to remind and raise awareness that we all could be doing so much more in our daily lives- for us- and our families.

feel free to click on any of the pics and links on the sidebar anytime as a resource. i also have environmental and civil liberties resources in magnolia and delicious. simply click where it says betblue's magnolia or delicious and it will take you there. no hassle.

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