Monday, March 03, 2008

perhaps this is the bush-clinton legacy

'Richard Reardon, 64, a security officer and veteran, said: “I’ll be honest. Maybe 20 years ago, I’d never have voted for a black man, but after the Bushes and the Clintons, give the man a chance.”

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an average patriot said...

Obama is the man for people to get rid of their racist feelings for. He is the best for the country and that is all that matters.
McCain played the cutsie childish games Repugs like by saying he has news for Obama Al Qaeda is in Iraq. He said they are there now that is all that matters. Bull! Besides that article is right Lugar and Hagle will give Obama the knowledge he needs. Unlike Bush he is smart enough to heed good advice!
Obama should be smart enough to point out that mcCain was wrong then but he wants to stay the course and be wrong in the future too. That is all that matters. Those idiots are wrong headed and will not take good avice contrary to their wrong headed ideas!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

That's a piss poor reason to vote for anybody. My last wife was a flaming asshole, but that's not why I married this one.:)