Wednesday, March 26, 2008

over the hump day

160 square mile chunk breaks off in antarctica

"...says researcher Sarah Das, such collapses are "more indicative of a tipping point or trigger in the climate system." Which is so not what we need right now."


an average patriot said...

I saw this, this morning but didn't know what to say because the enormous size of that and the resultant water from it is not the issue. Of course we heard nothing from Bush and if we did it would just be called natural!
That is the issue! It may be natural but man has sped up the process. Like it or not nature even on its own is cyclical. Atmospheric changes are cyclical. life is! Everything is! man has merely sped the cycle up as Bush has sped up the natural cycle of our society!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Relax! God just needed ice for his drink!:)

fjb said...

I'd like to see the size of that drink, tfwy! What do you think he prefers, vodka or rye?
Sorry for being a smartass betmo, but if you don't try to smile you'll just cry. The tipping point yes, but we'll get through this, too.

Sornie said...

I was shocked at how the cons reacted to this. I think if the rest of the in-danger ice (size of COnnecticut, I believe) breaks off then that is proof. It would be hard to ignore something of that magnitude.

Dark Daughta said...

I've been waiting to see when they would finally admit that things are going to unfold a hell of a lot faster than they had originally "thought". Did you ever see the movie "The Day after Tomorrow" (I think it was called)? It's about climate change happening really, really fast. Since I understand feature films as the ones they allow to be made because these are the ones that fit with their agendas, it became clear to me that they were trying to acclimatize us to an eventuality - extreme climatic change in our lifetime. That was a few years back. Now we here from them: Oops! It's happening a lot faster than we had predicated.

I'm not even remotely surprised. I watched their feature length communique a few years ago.