Sunday, March 23, 2008


obama's minister 'hates america' but when my father said the same sort of things, he became a hero to republicans


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Am I to assume that you (still) are bound and determined to make justifications for unjustifiable behavior, based soley upon "He did it too, Mamma!!" ???? If it's examples you wish to give of people fucking each other with the same dick, write a Goddamn book!! There's plenty of material out there.

When your book is done, and published, may I recommend you buy one that explains what Accountability and Personal Responsibility is, because either you don't know, or you're stubbornly refusing to demand either, because somebody nailed you to the wall. I strongly suspect the latter....and that is far worse than ignorance. Ignorance can be cured.

betmo said...

i still don't understand why it is that you think i am justifying unjustifiable behaviour. i have no idea why you are trying so hard to gang up on one person. i don't condone anything- i am merely attempting to point out the hypocrisy in nailing one pastor to the wall and not the others. none of their behaviour is condonable. i think that all of religion is crap. i think preaching politics from the pulpit smacks of fascism. i am merely trying to point out that racism exists- white people bury their heads in the sand- and hypocrisy reigns supreme in the media. that's it.

there are many books out there that have authors who are far better a writer than i. apparently, i suck at getting whatever point i am attempting to make across. i don't hear wright taking personal responsibility any more than i hear parsley or hagee- or any of the white supremacists in the pulpit. they won't ever take it. i am simply pointing out the obvious. and attempting to show that both sides are pretty much at a stalemate because both sides are doing the same things. we can't change things by using the same tactics.

perhaps i am ignorant and worse. i can only be who i am- and if i am a stupid bleeding heart- that's what i am. i won't be what others want me to be- i see things from my perspective and what i see- i write about. i don't expect everyone to march in line with me. everyone can have their own opinion. it really doesn't matter a tinker's dam anyway because the race thing is a distraction for the media anyway. nothing will change. nothing ever does.