Thursday, March 20, 2008

i don't know what to call this post

yeah. blog against theocracy is coming up this weekend- and i am boycotting it. yeah. i know. there are so many folks out there losing sleep over it- i can hear ya'll snoring ya know. i thought about it pretty good before reaching my conclusion- because everyone knows how i feel about separation of church and state- and blogging to create solidarity. 2 big deals to me. no- there are a few reasons i am choosing to sit this one out- and it has to do with believing in something.

my buddy time asked me a week or so ago what it was i was doing- not in those exact words- but what it boiled down to was- what is it i am fighting for and against and really- just what the hell? my other buddy dan'l is fond of saying that you should be thinking about causes and issues on more than just the one day- although i did tell him that it raises awareness of the issue to folks who may not have heard about it to be aware- but i digress. so- with those two things in my mind already- i moved on to the third.

i can't in good conscience participate in an anti-theocracy blogswarm when there are so many fundamentalists participating. yep. now- just because they may or may not be christian fundamentalists- it makes no nevermind because they use the same tactics on their blogs. see- i read quite a few blogs- and no, that isn't a threat. up till now- i haven't named a few of the blogs i call out because i don't want the gang mentality to happen. they have a right- as of right now- to speak their mind as i do on their blogs- and i have no business sending folks over there for a bashing. but that's why.

you cannot in all seriousness- pursue the same tactics that you allegedly condemn in others- and feel righteous and justified. it's called hypocrisy. that's why it is important to have separation of church and state- but it's also important to be able to have more than a two party system for elections. these folks may be well meaning but they are splintering the democratic party- and for that- they have my contempt. not because i love the democratic party but because they are no different than the neocons they say they so desperately want to get rid of.

so- participate if you wish- i will highlite the link here- you can read or write- but i shan't. because as much as i believe in the cause- i can't support the supporters this time. please do check out first freedom first- they are independent of the swarm.


an average patriot said...

I respect your evaluation and I agree with you. those in this misAdministration and the so called Religious right are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen and are proud of it. It is all sickening and detrimental to our America but that is their goal.
On another note, I was just reading the link you supplied. I have gardened that way before.
Just do me a favor and as they say, do not use preassure treated wood as creosote
(poison)or whatever the wood is treated with leaches into the soil and is absorbed by the veggies. Still following weaseldog, I like what he's doing.

Dusty said...

you cannot in all seriousness- pursue the same tactics that you allegedly condemn in others- and feel righteous and justified.~This is why I won't do the Theocracy thang this year. It gets ugly..and I got enough ugly in my life at the moment with the war, neocons and all the rest of the bs.

Jade said...

I actually have a draft of a post which I'll be posting today, it is about how our holidays are anything but representative of major parts of Canada. This however, is the first I'm hearing of this "blogswarm" other then some off comment earlier in your blog. I guess here in Canada we just don't have as much issues with that issue as the religious right don't get very far in Canada in comparison.

Sarah said...

Honestly, I was just too tired to participate this year. My whole blog is dedicated to these topics, but I'm really stressed out right now. I've got three finals coming up (ouch) and I started working again. My brain functions like this now = work, study, sleep. Hopefully, things will get better soon.