Sunday, March 09, 2008


i am one of those people who are critical of the israeli government and i am not afraid to speak out. it is simplistic to think that because i am critical of israel- that i am anti-semitic- it simply isn't true. i am critical of any of the governments and people who are greedy, power hungry zealots- and it just so happens that the israeli government- as well as our own- fits that description. there isn't any complex situation involved in systematically trapping and killing folks who have little way of fighting back. the israelis should know this- the european jewish population who flocked there after world war 2 should know this better than any group. like the truth or not- the israelis are currently engaged in genocide- and we decry that behaviour in muslims and in secular dictatorships all over the globe. i find it disgusting that we aren't decrying this behaviour from our own 'ally'- or partner in crime. i guess the american government thinks that if the money is right- anything goes.

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Brother Tim said...

Anti-semitic and anti-Zionist are two totally different things. The Neo-cons and Zionists, along with their puppet, the MSM, have deluded the masses into thinking they are one and the same. The Great Awakening of the masses will prove to be their Armeggedon.