Friday, March 07, 2008

friday open thread

wow. was this a sucktacular week or is it just me? the news gets progressively worse- not to be mistaken for progressives- and the weather does too. does not enable me to pull out of a funk when it rains- that's for sure. especially since we are supposed to be getting snow- but i won't get started on that. mom has had the stomach flu this week- so i have been spending much time there- and i just don't have the wherewithal to handle the rest of the world's crap. anyone else been sick? hacking cough that just won't go away- even if you take medicine? yeah. the entire country has it. epidemic i believe the msm called it. anyone else think it's strange that so many people have exactly- almost to the symptom- the same thing? food for thought.

mom listened to hate radio today. apparently, the fat windbag is also 'out sick' and has had a filler inner this week. this particular dude said that hate media has taken a big hit. can't say i am crying over that one- but never fear- they won't go away. according to the fat windbag's replacement- the rethugs are delighted that the dems are tearing themselves up over the primary- and that the rethugs should continue to bash mccain and support clinton. he didn't say exactly why- but there are two things i do know- ok more than two- 1) the rethugs don't like mccain or clinton 2) they are scared to death about obama- and they are racist- and 3) romney is still raising money and talks about coming back out into the race. you put the pieces together however you like. if you are a clinton supporter- just know what you are backing- ok?

oh- open thread- right. take a moment to take a look- at all of the pieces of the puzzle. we all read the same news- or hear the same sound bites. what most folks don't do is integrate all of these together- and that's what the neo cons count on. pick up on the unusual. look closely at the language used. i don't know what good it will do in the grander scheme of things but forewarned is forearmed- and at the very least- perhaps you can save yourselves and your families. self sufficiency and courage wins the day. talk and discuss as you will. i am having a cuppa tea.


an average patriot said...

Yhep Bush's mess is coming to a head. I will be nice and will not add to things. take it eay, Peace! We'll be alright!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I and my Fair Lady are slowly sliding out of what we thought was certain death, and yes, I did find it strange that ALL of America had the same thing, but I chalked it up to so much sickening politics and politicians.

See my latest re The Bitch. Bloomberg is her insurance in case Oboma does run....for double safety, the GOP has retained the services of Nader again this election.

And they all have rabid followers. Blind Loyalty....the choice of every dumb fucker!