Thursday, March 06, 2008

first freedom first

Celebrities to Headline Historic, Simulcast Church-State Separation Event

Community Leaders, Religious Liberty Heroes to Participate in 25-City, Nationwide Movie Theater Event to Focus Need for Church-State Separation in 2008 Elections

Actors, musicians and comedians will join church-state community members across the country on Wednesday evening, March 26, 2008 to put church-state separation on the national agenda during the 2008 election season.

In movie theatres in 25 cities across the nation (full list of theaters), interested citizens will gather to learn about the threats to church-state separation and to demand that candidates for elected office answer questions about key issues dealing with individual freedom. Ten questions to ask candidates that have a direct impact on Americans’ lives will be featured.

Entitled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Separation of Church and State … but Were Afraid to Ask!,” the high-definition program is being hosted by First Freedom First, a joint project of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and The Interfaith Alliance Foundation.

Peter Coyote, celebrated Hollywood actor and filmmaker, will emcee the program, which will include such special guests as The Bacon Brothers (featuring actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael), actors Michael J. Fox; Jack Klugman James Whitmore; Wendie Malick; Dan Lauria; and Catherine Dent; comedian and Air America host Marc Maron; singer/songwriter Catie Curtis and satirist Roy Zimmerman.

The event will also feature Americans who have fought for individual freedoms against great odds. The March 26 simulcast is being produced by Progressive Media Agency, a Portland, OR, based firm led by Adam Klugman and Enrique Arias.

WHEN: Wednesday evening, March 26, 2008
WHERE: 25-Cities Nationwide (see for full theater list)

For more information about First Freedom First, and the simulcast event:

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Thanks for posting this! The show is free, and going to be great!!