Friday, March 21, 2008

do not pass go.....

i recently received my dnc membership renewal in the mail. it came complete with a little note and a card to send back making sure my info was correct and that i was sending my money in like a good little card carrying member. this is what the letter said:

"mrs. betmo, enclosed is your 2008 democratic national committee membership verification card. please take a moment to review this information and make any necessary corrections. also note that your dnc membership has expired. (egad!!)

though, the decisive moment when we have a democratic nominee for the white house has yet to arrive, we are preparing for the fight of our lives this year- preparing to fight not only for the presidency, but to ensure democratic victories up and down the ballot, and a decisive democratic victory on november 4th. (uh huh)

this historic presidential election is upon us and we cannot afford to wait, and we cannot afford to lose one single democratic member this year (too late). that is why we are so concerned that you have yet to renew your support for the democratic party- never before has your membership meant more. (fyi ya'll -an independent can vote for whomever they want)

the dnc is fully mobilized, and we are successfully reaching people with our plan to rebuild this country from the ground up. americans are listening and ready for democrats to lead our nation (and when exactly will that start again?) but that does not mean that we have an easy road ahead. republicans are not going to give up easily (anyone clue clinton into that fact?)- they are already preparing lies and smear campaigns (clinton again?) intended to discredit democratic candidates on every level.

as a loyal supporter of the democratic party, i urge you to review your enclosed dnc membership verification card, (wait for it...) initial it, (wait for it....) and return it with the most generous contribution you can possibly afford today.

we are counting on you like never before.

thank you.

and i said 'no thank you.' in fact i put a zero in the 'other' box of the renewal form and i wrote on there and underlined it- no impeachment = no money!

i then wrote on the return address card:

here's the thing- i am changing my party to independent. the democratic party refuses to acknowledge that this is not politics as usual. if there isn't anyone held accountable from the bush regime- what good is opposition? 2006 was a mandate- you folks blew it big time.

that's all i had room for.


enigma4ever said...

I have written them some letters too...good for you...they need to find some Backbone and Some Balls..we are running out of time...

Larry said...

Why should we pay them to continue participating in the removal of our rights, and the continuance of war.

Dave Dubya said...

Way to go! Most of us with two wits to put together know that as long as dems are part of the problem and not the solution, the message needs repeating.


Time said...