Thursday, March 20, 2008

bit early yet

in the season to be dusting off this old chestnut, doncha think?

bin laden resurfaces with a video in time for easter

how many folks believe that bin laden is still alive- raise your hands.... yeah, me neither.


Larry said...

Just in time to scare the few 70 year olds who still watch Fox News.

Fade said...

Bush Crony Job 35821: Terrorism Marketing Executive. Must have vivid imagination and commitment to the mission. Work your own hours. Must sign loyalty statement. Remember loose lips sink drips. Democrats need not apply.

Renegade Eye said...

It's hard to hide an over six feet guy, connected to a dialysis machine.

David G said...

Funny how a guy that, in a different outfit, could pass for Santa keeps popping up.

I mean he really doesn't look that scary in spite of George's best efforts. But George does!