Wednesday, March 05, 2008

big apology for the folks who read here

i have attempted not to get into the hype that is the election season- i really see no need for it. pitting one candidate against another is a distraction that millions of people in this country are falling for. let's be candid with each other- there really aren't as many differences between obama and clinton as they would have you believe. there are a few key differences- but they are essentially democratic candidates. i have absolutely no idea why on god's green earth people are falling for the 'experience vs. inexperience' route. it makes no sense to me whatsoever. there are very few presidents who come in with experience. both candidates graduated from prestigious colleges with law degrees. both have congressional experience. hillary was first lady. big deal. really. it doesn't give her that much of an edge over obama. it's the people they want to bring in with them that you have to look at- not the candidate themselves. bush got 'elected' based on his minions voting for him- and we got cheney. why are we so worried about the end result here? this is the primary people- not the actual election. you are working to elect a president- not nominate a candidate. besides the fact- and this is where i must be losing folks- YOUR VOTE DOESN'T REALLY COUNT! you are voting to select delegates to the electoral college. this frustrates me to no end. i am really glad that there are so many folks taking an interest and becoming passionate towards change and politics. what i don't like- is that we are turning it on each other. this is what the right wants. besides folks- you only get to vote once in the primary. once you vote- you are done. why continue the vitriolic campaigning?

the other thing- it doesn't make sense to be all high and mighty when the other candidate gets caught doing something untoward. i read the news- and both sides have done underhanded and on the line tactics. so- sitting there smug- makes you look like an ass. seriously. let's all take a deep breath and remember- none of this matters one whit if a rethuglican maintains the office in 2009. and yes people- it could happen. the only thing for sure in life- death and taxes. so stop already.


annie said...

agreed. completely.we mustn't buy into what they're attempting to sell us.

dawn said...

You know I hate politic but I have gotten into this race because we do need a change in the country and the only thing I am sure of now is that my vote doesn't count and probably never will. I still don't understan why we just can't have the people vote and the one with the most wins. Gee thats a concept huh

Time said...

After 2000, I don't understand why people think their vote doesn't count?