Wednesday, March 19, 2008

american viewpoint

thanks to buckarooskidoo

"I have to confess, though, that I got water thrown all over my enthusiasm when I engaged some students after class. They were about to take issue with me over the Obama speech...they did not see it as great or eloquent, but a crafty apologia for anti-Americanism and racism."


Sarah said...

Most conservatives have the same reactions as these history students. They cannot see through the eyes of anybody but themselves. But selfishness has always been a hallmark of conservatism.

But yet, none of these kids care that a pastor endorsing McCain called Catholics "whores?"

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Sarah is spot on, except "he did it first!" was supposed to have ended in secon grade, no offense meant to Sarah.

I just wrote a post on the subject. Just one question: If Wright's comments were so bad Oblahma has to condemn about the twenty years worth of the same stuff from the same guy every Sunday. that Oblahma never said a word about?

Hypocrite is the polite word.

Fade said...

Hmmm. Okay, let's put aside the fact that every single Religious nut is, ahem, a relgious nut. Sarah made no such reference as to who did it first- just that McCain, (not to mention Hillary) as well as Barack ALL have ties to nutty christian clerics. And no one seems concerned except about the Black one.

TFWY: I want to know what exact part of Barack's speech was hypocrisy, because he was pretty straightforward. I think it's ludicrous to expect members of a church to be critiquing their pastors/priests/rabbis publicly.