Thursday, February 21, 2008

to the folks on the left splittin' hairs

with each other in the same party- these are the folks we are united against. there is still about 20% of america who thinks nothing of being racist, misogynistic, 'christian' zealots- why are we any different at this point? ok- so probably more than 20% of the overall american population feels the way that the right does- but apparently, the left needs a reminder that we allege to be the party of enlightened views, big vocabularies and fine educations, and oh yeah- all inclusive. what is the point of pointing to 'hope' and 'change' or even 'experience' if nothing is changing folks?

here's a thought: let's stop bickering amongst ourselves. let's stop calling each other names. if you want to be passionate about your candidate- hey- try extolling their virtues and ACTUAL VOTING RECORDS- instead of calling the other side names. we all got our panties in a wad at dirty politics from the right. it's hypocritical to do it on the left. women who are calling hillary our last great hope for president- get a fucking grip. we already got the first woman speaker of the house- and she has not been at all effective on the progressive front. in fact, she has been an outright rethuglican toady- aka- dino. so- please- take a look at the bigger picture. this isn't about a domestic agenda. it's about getting our civil liberties back. there won't ever be a domestic agenda until we do.

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