Friday, February 08, 2008

taking a pass

i started to check in on my google reader- but i got like 2 articles in and had to stop. i am taking a pass on the news. apparently, the cia let private contractors do waterboarding. that on top of the private security forces for the fbi- and the blackwater, et al forces- goddamnit! these are allegedly americans. how can so many sign on for what is going to be the end of our democracy? no- scratch that- is the end to our democracy. honestly, i don't know how much longer i will keep blogging. there are no checks and balances- and the fact is- i have people who depend on me too much for me to sacrifice myself to an idea that has apparently run its course with my countrymen. yes, there are those of us who are out there fighting. there always are. they sacrifice themselves for the greater good and martyr themselves to the cause. i am not that person. my sacrifice will be for the greater good of my family. i can't depend on the strength of others because i have not seen much. the small band of brothers who have connected over these blogs and email- would be rounded up and sent away and no one would be the wiser and to what end? the writing is on the wall and i can hear the boots marching on the streets. although, apparently, they are more like ninjas in the night. this isn't my country anymore. it is the place i live. the country i was born into is dead on the inside. the facade is still in place- and we go through the motions but the idea that was america- has died and an inglorious death by the hands of the corporatocracy. i have much thinking to do this weekend. posting will be light.


Larry said...

So true. I read an article today where the military is working with big business, on how they can function during Martial Law.

Time said...

Throughout American History, negativity has changed voters behavior much more than anything positive.

Americans have a way of waiting until the last minute before they act.

There actions are usually a reaction to how negative they feel about their situation. If they are satisfied with their lot, they aren't motivated to change. Seems many are not happy, now. Voter turnout is a fair way to judge the health of our politics.

The "slow" reputation of our legislative branch is, like most things in America, a reflection of the wishes of the people.

As long as you are going to drive yourself crazy constantly thinking about these issues, it's best (for your readers) that you continue to blog. I would think that the blog is a good outlet for your feelings.

Otherwise, like most Americans, you could just ignore it, block it out.

Millions of Americans get by nicely never knowing, or caring what's going on. Of course, that's one reason things are so messed up.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Martial Law is coming. There will be no elections and I feel just like you.

We have passed the point of no return and the America I was born into is Dead.

This is not what Our Forefathers Fought and Died For.

All are elected Representatives have betrayed the People, America and The Constitution.

They are all Traitors in my mind and I say Fuck them all.

Sorry for the language.

God Bless.

Georg said...

Bonjour Betmo,

Naturally, I don't know what has happened to you. But let me tell you you are neither witnessing the end of the word nor the end of the United States as a democracy.

That's a delusion.

Living under a dictatorship is VASTLY different and I think this has never happened to to.


betmo said...

there cannot be a democracy or a democratic republic with secrecy, secret security firms, people who are above the law, unchecked surveillance, secret prisons and torture- i could go on. we have an opportunity to fight to regain our constitution- which is the barest of bones now. if there aren't laws of the land that apply to everyone- how is that a democracy? we are not in full blown dictatorship for sure. but if you look at the trend and what has been happening and what continues to happen- with no accountability to the people- that's not democracy.

i have lost faith in humanity georg. not just from reading the daily news but from betrayals from people who were once close to me. if you look at complete strangers here in america, it's sad. people here.... well, that's for a post.

an average patriot said...

You know you are right and from begginning to end this has been designed and will not be stopped regardless of our efforts but I will not stop instigating the truth! I see there are still those who do not get what we are up against and what is being done to us and the world.
When I get situated I am going to put a beginning to end package together and send it to Global Research and try to get this from the beginning total set up to world war realized and heard by those who can make a difference!

fjb said...

When you finally go silent, they have achieved what they set out to do.

Believe me, it's not just happening to you. My government has made agreements with yours regarding access to our private information at any time, along with other incidents recently that have me wondering what the hell is about to happen.

As you probably know, I do a lot of blogging for Palestine, and bizarre events have been happening in the Middle East that many Americans may not be aware of: Four undersea internet cables being severed in less than a week being the most startling. There's a lot of us trying not to be paranoid about this, but the general opinion is that something catastrophic is potentially in the works, regarding Iran and perhaps another convenient terror attack. Conspiracy theory be damned, I think we're all fully aware of what the Neo-Cons and Zionists are capable of by now to get what they want, and to brush it off as paranoia is simply naive.

Please don't let them win. I know right now it looks like they have, but it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings and I haven't heard her yet!:)

an average patriot said...

Something is in the wind. That was not caused by boat anchors. I have talked about the entire set up numerous times and was going to put it together from beginning to end so everyone can see the obvious but I just got in and I think I will have to do a precurser today and detail it tomorrow.
Anyway that outage that conveniently did not affect Israel, Iraq, and our navy, but shut down the rest of the area was part of the plan for world war to start with going after Iran.
That outage was a precurser of things to come. Whoever owns space owns the future. ever hear of the US HAARP program? (High Frequency Active Aural Research Program) please google it.
I can't get the link without losing you but I have written on it numerous times. Theoretically and we know it works now, we can shut down all other satellites, weapons, electronics, communications, everything while not affecting our own.

an average patriot said...

I see the Who and I haven't heard them in years. I will look at it next. I answered your comment but I just realized I voiced your concerns too. I wrote in the beginning that I had to divert till tomorrow as many have concerns that are part of the whole I will be discussing tomorrow. Tahe care, I'm off to the Who!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

I certainly understand why you want to stop blogging. I hope you don't though.

I cannot believe it about the waterboarding either. Well I say that but I can believe because Bush was denying it, so I probably knew it was true.

I agree with time. I think American voters are ready for a big change. I think things will get better under the Dems.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

my sacrifice will be for the greater good of my family. i can't depend on the strength of others
Wise choice, imo. Never depend on anyone for your next breath if you can at all help it!!

Having said that, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and don't let that strange feeling bother you. It's just your panties unwinding from that ball.:) Nobody's coming to take you or I away - they need us to spend our money far too badly!

fjb said...

an average patriot,
you betcha i've heard of HAARP, i live far too close to alaska not to have heard about it.