Friday, February 29, 2008

open letter from obama

to the lgbt community


Georg said...

Hallo Betmo,

Reading US American blogs posting about Barack Obama, I must confess to be amazed .

I mean this man is not the Savior trying to become President.

The most remarkable was the blog "Earls Place" ( There was a poem about B.O. and and all the splendid deeds he would do for everyone.

Just a question (because I am not concerned).


an average patriot said...

I am hoping he is the savior we all need after Bush, who will be our President and guilding light out of the dark tunnel bush has created for our future.
My hat is off to Obama. He is right to come out in defense of all Americans period. Many issues this one, pro choice, and being an advocate for the poor and welfare, will cement the Right against him but I think if he speaks for everyone and we come out to vote we will win in the fall!

betmo said...

georg- what we are seeing is truly an american phenomena- no- i don't think he's a saviour at all. i think he is sincere in his desire to put this country back on track. many people in this country are looking in desperation for some change and a reason to hope and continue on. he is sending out that message- and actually believes it- so in a way to some people he is a saviour of sorts.