Sunday, February 24, 2008

oh my...

"It is funny to read this from people who, for 10 years have invaded other countries, toppled the stable regimes that ruled and enforced their rules there. Especially funny to read it if you don’t forget about prisons and tortures in Guantanamo. And completely funny when you recall how these people hanged the former president of the country they invaded. Why am I saying this? Because Mr. Putin and his team are evil, of course. And only cattle vote for him. BUT these are OUR problems. And WE will sort them out. And you, you’d better write a couple of stories about why a person who is considered an imbecile by 80 percent of the globe’s population is elected for a second term. Also, don’t forget to write what are you still doing in Iraq (you have not found either nuclear, chemical, biological weapons there, so stop pumping oil for free and get back home)."

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