Thursday, February 21, 2008

my thoughts- watch out!!

i guess i am perplexed- as always- by people. i have been reading different folks perspectives about the upcoming election- and although i think the whole thing is a giant sham- many don't. consequently, it is a big topic of conversation. i guess what i don't get is the schism that has erupted on the left again between hillary and obama supporters. folks, it's great that everyone is so very passionate about their candidate- but give it a rest. the bottom line is- a democrat will get nominated. save the zealot's passion for the fight against the gop. now- is really not the time for pressing gender issues or race issues. it isn't. nothing frosts me more than my fellow women shrilly standing by hillary clinton as our gender's last best hope for being president. please. i am not a big fan of obama either- neither have ever been my choice. i have been a 'kucinich girl' and then i threw my endorsement behind edwards. hillary clinton is not the best choice for president- not because she is a woman but because of her politics. fyi- she is my state senator- i should know. obama's lack of experience is virtually meaningless because there is the cabinet and advisors and folks in position to assist with the decision making process. so- let's stop the name calling and let's stop the stupidity. whoever wins the nomination- suck it up and vote for them. the real bottom line is we have to beat the gop. if we don't- embarrassing isn't the first word i would pick- but it would fit. i mean really- mccain? get over it already folks.

good comprehensive look at shit that matters- actual congressional voting record and a link to more info for both candidates. read it or shut up.

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an average patriot said...

Good assessment Betmo
I am certainly no Hillary fan either. She is a NeoCon in Democratic clothing. Neither was Obama my first choice. He seems to be the peoples choice and I know he will do the job bettter than any of the other options right now if nothing takes the election away from him.
I am sick of hearing about experience. He has brains he isn't stupid. Unlike the chief idiot he will surround himself with intelligent people not yes men and he will listen and act on their advice not placate us and them!