Monday, February 11, 2008

making peace

every so often i have to make peace with myself. no small task because i can be fairly stubborn. i get frustrated with people because they can't or won't see the truth of the world around us- and that's my burden to bear. so- it's that time again where i have to step back and take a deep breath and make peace with myself. i love my blog and i love the connections i have with the people here. i never say never but at this point- i am sticking around. i have no idea what i will post about- but the connections and conversations are just as important as any ramblings i post here. just wanted to keep folks in the loop. posting is always uneven here anyway :)


TomCat said...

Although a recent addition to your readership, I certainly appreciate what you do here.

Brother Tim said...

It's quality, not quantity, that counts most. You're doing a fine job, cher.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

I agree with brother tim. your blog is the best. you are the best. not just sucking up. I mean it.


and I am not sure what you mean about posting being uneven. if your posting is uneven, then mine just sucks.


but so glad you are sticking around. you do make a difference with so many of your friends and your other readers.

and keep your chin up. I think the gop reign of the presidency is coming to an end. I have a good feeling now I did NOT have in 2004. somehow back then, even when Kerry was doing well I just knew inside that bush was gonna sucker enough states into electing him.

I don't have that feeling this time. the Democrats are not perfect. I don't know anyone who is, except maybe you, b. but they are MUCH beter than the GOP. Even if all they do is stop the war in Iraq, repair the economy, pay down some debt, rebuild some of our alliances, add some balance back to the courts, and maybe get me a civil union then they are making progress.

I don't think we will get everything we want, but that's life. All we can do is just keep doing what we do. What you do is very important, b.

hope you had a good weekend!