Tuesday, February 19, 2008

making it up as we go along

but hey- it's not like i quote folks all of the time :)

in a land where there is no longer any constitution and the laws are apparently nonexistent- it really comes as no surprise that

The courts and Congress affirmatively conceal and protect lawbreaking


proudprogressive said...

Betmo i gotta commend you and thank you so very much , dispite your nagging winter blues, you keep keep ass and keeping the focus here and on Sirens on the greedy law breaking , making it up as they go along fascists -

As you know my blog has evolved in its focus, BUT these issues remain so PROMINANT IN MY WORLD as well, just not writing about them as much. Which for me gives added value to you and those that do. Bloggers are changing this culture. Its amazing how much truth gets out and passed along. All of us voices in the chorus. Each unique ! - We have to watch them like hawks..they are taking away Internet Neutrality slowly ie. the wikileak site taken down ! - so anyhow just popping to say Hi and tell you how much i personally appreciate YOU ! and the gang of progressives we know and love in our little corner of the blogoverse..Hi YOU ALL ! lets hope we get our constitution back, the rule of law and a some justice and and END to this fubar occupation VERY SOON ! enough terror already - we are living in fascism -

proudprogressive said...

oh good grief what a typo

Betmo you KICK ass, (not what i typed ) dang..rolls eyes at own self.

Sornie said...

It makes me sick that our lawmakers aren't doing a damn thing to actually make the offenders (Cheney & Co.) adhere to the constitution and nail their asses to the wall.

Larry said...

This is Bush's Amerika.

Carol Gee said...

betmo, good catches! What would we do without bloggers like proudprogressive and Glenn Greenwald?
Hope you are feeling a little better every day.