Thursday, February 28, 2008

i like memes

tomcat graciously bestowed upon me the award of excellence- and it's a shame really because i can't offer it to him now :) the only downside to playing along- i can only name so many folks and picking only 10 out of the many i read- hard, hard, hard. so- i tried to pick some folks who i read every day- as long as they post- and i tried to pick folks whose names i hadn't already seen as awarded. please take a peek at the folks below- and then head on over to tom's and read those folks too. excellence should be shared- and taken advantage of.

and yes, i do take it personally- wow. timely issues posted about with perspective backed up with links. profmarcus knows a lot about a variety of topics and that knowledge is passed along.

i'm just a lil dizzy- dez has so many irons in the fire- and yet, she delivers first rate commentary on her 10 post roundup- every day- as well as myriad other posts that delivers info with common sense. thanks for all you do dez.

some notes on living-proudprogressive says she is new to the world of blogging- but she seems old hat to me :) her passion for working towards a better planet for all people- regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race- is inspiring. she always has a kind word of encouragement when it's needed- but will give an ass whuppin' when needed :)

south by southwest- where to start with carol? her blog is probably the most well thought out posts i have ever read- on a variety of topics. from space to politics to how the internet works- carol leaves enough info to get you hooked and let's you start the learning process. i always feel richer- and smarter- after a visit.

undeniable liberalism- maru and undeniable liberal don't mince words- and this blog is not for the faint of heart or delicate sensibilities. what you get is- well, the unvarnished truth. like it or not :)

the free slave-whenever i visit maxjulian's blog- i know i will have much to think about. and i will have to do some real self exploration and change. this is a blog that challenges people's perceptions of the world they live in- and share- with other people.

suzie-q- ah- the crew at suzie-q. i read this blog multiple times daily- it is informative and i have often left and kept researching a topic that they brought up. i appreciate the fact that they do cover timely issues- but the fact that they reach out to topics not often covered by the msm- and back it up- is invaluable.

movable jewel-
most of the time i haven't a clue what traveling man is talking about over here. he is a freemason and this blog is about freemasonry- the craft- as he calls it. tm's obvious love of his craft and his desire to debunk many of the myths surrounding freemasonry make his blog an inviting place to learn. he also writes some mean haiku- but don't tell him i said so :)

morning martini-
pop posts about life. her honesty and straightforwardness in asking questions or commenting on world events and life, really, keeps folks coming back. she is very welcoming- but don't tick off fred. he's very protective of pop. :)

i-land-i-site- this site is a guilty pleasure of mine. floots writes damned good poetry and haiku- and the pictures are breathtaking. even if you aren't a fan of poetry- check him out. i usually have my morning cuppa with him :)


proudprogressive said...

Betmo you are too kind..I don't know how you do it kiddo , but keep on keeping on. It takes the whole lot of us in this chorus. And i don't know about you, but i feel spring is around the corner. Easier for me to say perhaps cause i live in a sunny place, but what i mean is, IF we keep the Internet free, and apparently the FCC needs some emails AGAIN - see my top post for a link. and a good song.

I have some hope, that things will get a little better a teenzy bit better where the rubber meets the road for us everyday people. Looks like some history could be made in April and in Nov. that will translate into better public policy..

I can DREAM !

Carol Gee said...

betmo, thanks for the very kind words about South by Southwest (and Texans in an earlier post).
I have to tell you that each of your little bios makes me want to visit those blogs, forthwith. You have a real talent for crystallizing the essence of a site.
You have been a fine cheer leader for many of us, for a long time. And some of my favorite bloggers have been your readers.

Dizzy Dezzi said...

Thanks a lot, betmo :)

It will be a couple of days before I can share the meme, but I appreciate that you thought of my simple little blog.

Brother Tim said...

Congrats, Betmo! Your site IS a blog of excellence.

Good choices you made also, especially Profmarcus. You may be aware of the fact that I co-host a radio show with him every Thursday morning. (You can get the link off the sidebar on either of our blogs)

What I like most about you, is your wisdom and level-headedness in your posts. It gives me hope for the future, that when us 'old guys' (sorry, Prof) pass on, there will be strong people to continue carrying the torch.

Peace and Grace, Sister

Dark Daughta said...

I'm going to have to go visit these. Thanks for taking the time to make the list.

Maxjulian said...

Thanks a lot, Betmo!!

TomCat said...

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. It was my pleasure, as you deserve it well.