Friday, February 22, 2008

another reason

not to vote for status quo clinton. you see- it doesn't matter that she is a woman- just like it doesn't matter that lynn cheney is a woman or condilies alot is a woman- woman can be people you don't like too. hillary pays lip service to giving a shit about women's issues and children's healthcare- but when you consistently play it safe and back the big corporate-- and this one happens to be monsanto- you have most definitely lost my vote forever. not that it means much- but there it is.

monsanto is a corporation who is genetically modifying fruits and veggies- and forcing farmers here and around the world- most notably iraq and india- to use it's seeds. with dire results. they are fighting to not label these products as gm- or label the bovine growth hormone products in milk and other dairy foods. and clinton is cozy with them.

so- tell me again how she gives a damn about women and children's issues? i mean without the rhetoric.


an average patriot said...

You're funny! I am listening to the debates right now on CNN anObama has her hands down. We just have to keep him alive!
As to the GM seeds and meat you know how I feel. I refuse to believe that they sell this stuff not only here but around the world and do not mark it.
If it was good they would mark it. You can bet the affluent don't touch this stuff.

Speak YOUR Peace said...

Ya, but tell me what Obama is going to do-without all the rhetoric. And by that, I'm NOT saying Clinton has my vote. No way. But I'm not buying the Obama love fest.

I found this article to be an incredible read!

an average patriot said...

just in promising to recover our America and get rid of Bush's and his war mongering is a great change in itself!

betmo said...

oh- please don't misunderstand- i am a kucinich supporter. my panties are in a wad because so many women bloggers i run across are screaming in my face to vote for hillary because she is a woman. my goal is to enlighten folks on the real issues- not gender specific. i am not in love with obama for sure. kucinich is and was my first choice- al gore being up there too. but i won't vote for clinton because of who she is as a person and what she stands for. her voting record and professional life stands for itself.

Brother Tim said...

Clinton is neocon to the core. All one has to do is check her Senate voting record. If that doesn't convince you, check out her financial backers. She has received more support from Pentagon Defense Contractors than ANY Repug running. That, in itself, speaks volumes about her character.

If one thinks Hitlary Clinton would be good for America, they would do well to have another think. It would guarantee a Republican Presidency in 2012....if America was still viable.