Sunday, January 06, 2008

the winds of.....change?

i didn't watch the debates saturday night- either of them. so- i can't comment on them. i will say that i have visited every one of the democratic candidates' websites- oh yes, they all have one. i didn't bother with the rethugs- they have nothing new to say and they all say the same thing. or so i surmise from the msm reporting of the events- which i do read. it's about the only thing they do report. i got an email from someone who did watch the debates and this person assures me that change has indeed occurred and will continue occur- albeit slowly. apparently, because we have so many 'minority' groups represented on our platform. i don't decry that but i don't look at the picture that way. i look at the stands on the issues. i don't care if hillary clinton is the first woman candidate for president ever. good for her- we got fucked by pelosi. i don't care for clinton's voting record and i don't trust her stances on the issues. too back room wheeling and dealing for me. obama- i am keeping an open mind about only because i feel he is a good second choice on the issues for me. edwards lost me on his healthcare plan and his stance on civil liberties.

no one in the top three has come out and assured me that they will restore the constitution in its entirety; or pressure congress and the corporations on drastic environmental protections- here and abroad. baby steps. we need a leader who will come out and say- hey, folks we have to do something here like yesterday. haven't really heard that from the big three. oh- we'll put incentives out there and blah, blah, blah. business as usual. we need real leadership not baby steps that maintain the status quo while maybe perhaps seeing if we can get something accomplished while attempting to reach out to the regressive 'progressives' and republican disenfranchised who continue to hold the purse strings. this country doesn't want real change- they want enough change to go back to sipping their chablis and reading their daily news and be able to have someone else do their thinking for them while living the life of riley. i don't begrudge obama his win in iowa. i think he's a decent person and his heart is in the right place. and i am thrilled that we have progressed enough- now that it's like oh the 21st century- that a black man has a real shot at the white house. i am just tired of people lauding this type of thing as a milestone or a big deal- when it should be common sense. we should be looking at the issues- not whether or not obama is 'black enough' or 'white enough' or whatever. the question should be- is he human enough to lead us beyond the fiascos of bushco and will he put a doj in place that will give us justice?

that's why- i am voting dennis k for the primary- and writing in al gore for president. works for me.


WeezieLou said...

good analysis

an average patriot said...

I havent heard that Barak Isn't white or Back enough. I have heard from a prominent unnamed Black politician that he acts too white.
I don't understand race even being brought up. We are in trouble we need a leader who is going to do the right thing for average American's and our America not Bush's, We need our our shining light, someone to get our America back and lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush has us in. Obama is that man thats all that should matter to anyone. Take care!
He has my vote!

an average patriot said...

Oh man I hate typos! I was just talking with a goddaughter at the same time and she said she is pregnant, hmmm!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well said! I'm so glad to hear that someone really has their finger on the pulse of the nation. As a person of mixed race, I don't think that the presidential campaign should have anything to do with a genetic phenotype. I mean, they all smell the same in the dark, don't they?
I watched the debate last night and I thought that everyone brought something of value to the table. It's unfortunate that Dennis K. couldn't there. I think his unique perspective would have really set the scene.
I think that we, as AMERICANS, should really get up off our guffs and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If 2008 is really going to be a year for change (how do we get the country ready for this?) then we need to move FORWARD, not BACKWARDS, neither to left nor to right, but onwards and upwards. We have coalesced in the the darkness for 8 miserable years and it's time to bathe in the sunshine that is what this country could be. Like my husband likes to point out, we're all people here, in it together, connected to everything and everyone. How can we let even one chance to bring everyone together go to waste?
Hazel M.

betmo said...

yeah jim, apparently, it has been talked about in many circles- msm pundits and talk show yahoos and who not. i agree- we need leadership- in congress most especially to turn back some of these craptastical laws- and in the white house to restore the order of law in the doj- and the military as commander in chief.

hazel- there are no easy answers or magic bullets- and don't get me wrong- i never felt that there were. however, change simply has to happen and real leaders move people in a direction that is beneficial to everyone. it isn't easy but it is necessary and i hope to goodness that we get a real leader this time around. i don't think i have the pulse of the nation- i just know a bit about human nature- and i know deep down- folks don't like to change given a choice. real leaders effect change and make the people understand why. bushco squandered that opportunity after 9/11 with the invasion of iraq.

Renegade Eye said...

I wish there was a mass party, for someone like us. The Democratic Party is a party of big business, just like the GOP.

Vote Green?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The people who say things are changing, just because a "minority" might win, floors me. What in the hell does being a minority have to do with being a good President? That only echoes the stupidity of what will be voting this year.

I have a perfect record so far. I haven't watched any of the debacles, and my blood pressure, as well as my state of mind, is the better for it.

I think we should elect "The first completely bald mouthy asshole from Michigan living in SC married to a know it all Professor!" :)
Hang on to your undies then, sweetheart!:)

Larry said...

Hillary might as well be challenging Romney or the deranged McCain since she is a veiled Repug.