Thursday, January 10, 2008


Pentagon Backtracks On Naval Confrontation With Iran, Says Threat May Not Have Come From Iranians

well, color me surprised! not.


Larry said...

Either they found out the lies they were helping Bush tell was catching up with them, or Bush forgot to tell some of them what their tales were to be.

Dave Dubya said...

It seems every year or so, we get to see those same Iranian speedboats zooming the US warships. We've seen this enough to know that it is bluster and bravado on the part of the Iranians. They are taunting, not threatening, the mighty US Navy.

The Iranians said this is not unusual, and I have to agree with them, not the unnamed US "official".

This little show is a propaganda stunt intended to agitate Americans in the primary season. We are being manipulated. They want us to drink Bush/Cheney’s Iran flavored war fever kool-ade, and to support the anointed war candidates. It's intended to bump McCain, Giuliani, and Romney for the Republicans and Hillary for the Democrats.

Funny, with every re-release or remake of this footage, I see the old stereotypical cartoon mice frightening the elephants, again.

landsker said...

Seen from the angle of money, isn`t there some element of finacial farce?
How could three warships, worth billions and billions of dollars of American taxpayer geld, even come close to being threatened by five speedboats, costing only a few thousand dollars from the coffers of Iranian taxpayers?

The 5 million dollar american tanks sent to patrol the deserts of Iraq were wiped out by the $50 roadside bombs, and the 10 million dollar helicopters are being shot down with $100 assault rifles.

Actually, the Iranians do have speedboats fitted with anti-ship cruise missiles, and coupled with their onshore facilities they could take out most of the "invincible" US navy within a few hours.

American military technology is that of empire, stuck in the 20th century, millions of tons of armour plate, millions of men and machines.
8,000 miles from the American coast, and 30 miles from Iran, and they accuse the Iranians of aggressive behaviour?

The game is maybe not elephant and mouse, but cat and mouse, America has just realised that this time, they have drawn the role of the mouse.
The Iranians, have extremely sharp claws, as do the Iraquis.

Dave Dubya said...

Point taken, Landsker.

The powerful US military has its achilles heel. That's why the resistance is unabated.

The Iranians are savvy enough to know the consequences of an attack on the fleet. It would mean war and wholesale slaughter for their country.

They are not about to play into the Bush/Cheney war scenario. They do need to assert their sovereignty and presence. And that of course is a "threat" to the Empire, more than to the ships themselves.