Friday, January 18, 2008

open thread- shift of focus

it is easy to get caught up in the election year hoopla- and slip right back into our old ways of thinking- but we don't have that luxury. we have to look at the world- not just america- or we will never be able to stop these folks. we have to look at partnerships and who controls what- and we have to become self sufficient real fast. it is hard with so very much info coming at you so fast- every day. but let's break it down. i know i try to narrow it way down- not many domestic issues for me usually. they will have to wait. look at the bigger picture-

big pharma not only hid trials to sell their drugs- but the medicare system that bush and rethug congress passed- is aimed at harming seniors. then there's the drugging of us soldiers.

genetically altered veggies and seeds here and around the world- don't work everywhere and goodness knows- i doubt that the fda looked at long term anything. now- cloned meats don't even need labels. oh- and let's not forget pulling farmland away from growing food for biofuels.

economy- hmmm.... from foreign investers running our banks to the federal reserve pulling shell games to keep the recession at bay- to dude, where's my gold? manipulations to what end?

security- ah yes. mercenary companies look to africa for new recruits while busily breaking international laws- and american laws- by killing, maiming and destroying lives without accountability. homeland security- yeah- well, what can i say? probably shouldn't say anything since congress is looking to approve a new bill that would allow folks to be arrested for speaking thoughts deemed 'terroristic.' yeah.

those kinds of things put the 'debates' in perspective. it doesn't really matter whether the candidate is right or left, male or female, white or black- or any shade in between. what matters is whether or not the next president of the united states is part of the system above- or will fight it. america is not a super power anymore. we are a piece on the global chess board.


an average patriot said...

Good job Betmo! The sad part is it gets worse. you know what I thought was funny? They are saying it's okay for kids to eat untested cloned food but they can't use long used OTC medicines. Weird! Anyway, I don't care who it is, if someone is going to be honest, put average American's first, and reinstall our America they have my vote.

Larry said...

Wish we could shift the focus on everything wrong in America.

Carol Gee said...

betmo, I really liked this post. The format and style were very effective. It is like a good oil painting with layers behind, and yet a very coherent message on top. Such "round-ups" are very difficult and time consuming to write and to make as interesting and readable as yours. Congrats!