Wednesday, January 16, 2008

no title

i thought about what to call this post- and i have no idea. perhaps it's because i haven't had my second cuppa- but i think it's more than that. it's difficult to write sometimes- and difficult to read. daniel recently wrote a post about 'blogging ourselves to extinction'- and in some ways i think he's correct. there are many bloggers who do vent and rage and scream- and that's it. there are many more folks in this country who don't blog at all and do nothing. then there are those who blog and do- they put their money where their mouth is- too many to mention but perhaps like minds stick together and that's why we have the blogging circle. anyway, my point is- there is a dichotomy on this planet- there's us of the western world who took our freedoms for granted and blog about it- and there are the kenyans- who didn't have much to begin with- and are taking to the streets about it. how did they mobilize?

text messaging.

read the articles and the links- and you will see what folks do when they really want change.


annie said...

so true. texting put to good use...what a concept! you have to want the change enough though, and too many are too comfy and oblivious to fight for it.
it seems that americans will be forced to that end by more drastic/extreme measures than we've seen thus far. it boggles my worried mind. they know how to fight for their basic human rights in places like venezuela, madrid, and so on. what the hell is wrong with us??

betmo said...

hmmm..... that's a question for not only another post- another few posts :) there has been a disconnect somewhere along the line. a disconnect with our past- with time honored traditions passed down. don't i sound like a rethug? :) it's true though. we have had too much and not had to work for any of it. i am a 30 something and our mothers and fathers paved the way for us in the 1960's- as their mothers and fathers did during the great depression. my generation reaped the benefits of prosperity and have lived relatively affluent middle class lives. easy pickings for neo cons with a grudge against our parents.

the short answer- we have too much to lose to pick a fight with the neo cons. easier to keep our stuff and lose our freedoms. the folks in kenya- don't even have basic necessities. they have no where to go but up. cynical, of course.