Tuesday, January 01, 2008

if americans knew...

as i have been tooling around today- folks have been asking what predictions are for 2008 or what we'd like to see. i won't write that post- as i have written enough doom and gloom in 2007 and need a break for a bit. i will say- that my one hope and wish for the new year is that americans become more self sufficient- stop waiting for other folks to do for us; stop relying on other people to bring us news or do our work for us. we are not the pampered elite portrayed in the american dream with the picket fences around the mcmansions.

we need to ferret out the truth ourselves and not rely on media to give us the news. they haven't thus far- why would we think that they magically would start now? i mean if the ny times is hiring bill kristol- what does that say to me? the fcc is paving the way for even more media monopolization- so- we have to seek our own truth. we have to stand up against torture and tyranny and dictatorial oligarchy. we cannot send proxies. it has to be us if it is to be at all. we have no other options if we want to save enough democracy to rebuild freedom for our next generation. it has to be us- because it is obvious it won't be 'the other side.'

please take a moment and read voices- if americans knew


an average patriot said...

You know, I have to laugh. truth in Government! Bush signed yesterday the Government openness Bill! I have to laugh, what's that worth? Nothing or he wouldn't have signed it. He's the decider and is the only one who can determine what we can see as he hides his true agenda!
We'll keep looking for the truth and he'll keep lying and hiding it.

Naj said...

I think the best event of 2007 was that Bushco got exposed.

I think I can stay off of neg-blogging for a while ... although I am afraid I will have to stay off of blogging in order to catch up with some serious deadline before summar ...

My wish for 2008 is to retire

Dave Dubya said...

Happy New Year!

Let's hope the new year brings a greater awakening of the people. I get the sense there are more and more every day.

I thank you folks for doing your part.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Lady, from your blog to the Evening new, to be read in full! Quickly, please!!

Larry said...

May the New Year bring Reaping on Bush for the misery he has sown.

Coffee Messiah said...

Well, we're on the downside of gw & co and that is something positive, unless of course he cooks up some more schemes to mess up other parts of the World before he's gone! ; (

My best to You & Yours!

Mary said...

"Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."

So says Arundhati Roy. Anyway it's something to hope for.

Happy New Year Betmo.

landsker said...

Happiness to you and your loved ones, for the new year, Ms B.
I doubt that most people realise the severity of abuse commited by the Israelis in their quest for a "greater Israel.".
Or indeed that the american government is virtually run by "dual citizens."
Can it get any worse?