Friday, January 11, 2008

having apoplectic fit

nbs uninvites kucinich to the nevada debate

not only did they uninvite- they changed their criteria specifically to uninvite him. why anyone would continue to look at the big three is beyond me. it is obvious that with so many corporate entities- the democratic party included- trying to keep him quiet- that somebody's afraid of dennis k.


Ingrid said...

didn't fox do something similar with Ron Paul? More and more people are reacting to that and are even more drawn to those being actively undermined.
thanks for you post on the blogger round table. Feel free to promote it on your blog as this is 'your thing' as well!
DH is still working on my computer and it makes me feel awful, 'cause inspite of being 'optimistic', all my info (and our families' pics etc) might be lost forever..sigh

betmo said...

i know paul was left out at some point but this is at least the second time kucinich has been publicly and deliberately left out of a debate. i really don't see the sense in having debates these days anyway- they are corporate vetted and screened and are nothing more than glorified photo ops with sound bites. there's no discourse- everyone knows the questions beforehand. no surprises there. no real give and take as the moderators are hand picked shills.

Larry said...

Where is all that democracy they cry about? Kucinich should have every right to debate like all the rest.

Renegade Eye said...

I would support Dennis Kucinich or John Edwards, if they left the Dems.

TomCat said...

When Kucinich endorsed Ron Paul, he lost all credibility in my eyes. Nevertheless, editing the rules of the debate to exclude him is wrong.

Brother Tim said...

The debates are nothing more than DNC and RNC Press Conferences.